Pro-BLM “Press” car was destroyed by Portland Police squad
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Pro-BLM “Press” car was destroyed by Portland Police squad


A squad of equipped police officers in Portland slashed the tires of a "press" car and smashed the rear window. Police say the car posed a threat as protesters with “press” labels attacked officers.

“Portland Police provided public address announcements directing people to remain off of the property of the Penumbra Kelly Building and to move away to the west. As people continued to throw glass bottles and other objects Portland Police declared that the assembly blocking East Burnside was unlawful and directed people to disperse,” Portland Police Bureau News Release says. “Portland Police dispersed the crowd, directing it west. People continued to throw glass and plastic bottles at police. People with "press" written on their outer garments repeatedly threw objects at officers. Portland Police continued moving the crowd to the west and south.”

The driver of the damaged car was identified as 44-year-old Zippy Lomax. She reports that as soon as she was ordered to stop as she was moving in a dense stream of people.

Lomax complied with the police demand, put her hands on the steering wheel, then an unidentified officer smashed the rear window with a baton and several more people cut the tires, completely immobilizing it.

“They hit my rear window so hard glass ended up in my dashboard and on my lap,” Lomax said. “They were angry. I honestly felt they were taking out their frustration on me.”

The words of the injured woman are confirmed by video recording from the scene. It is currently unknown if Zippy Lomax has a true press accreditation and current media affiliation.

In her statement to Oregon Live, Lomax only said that she was “not an objective neutral observer.”

“I have a clear bias. I’m not an objective neutral observer,” she told about the words “press” and “Black Lives Matter” on her car. “But I think that’s OK. I’m upfront about it to those who follow my work. I can still be out there documenting what I see.”


Author: Usa Really