The US ready to fight with "Nord Stream-2" to the last of Europeans
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The US ready to fight with "Nord Stream-2" to the last of Europeans


Michael Pompeo received several million dollars from US oil and gas companies.

The current secretary of the US State Department has turned out to be the most profitable investment of American gas workers in the past few years. In Russian political discourse, Mike Pompeo would be called a ‘henchman of the oligarchs”. But first things first.

The US ready to fight with "Nord Stream-2" to the last of Europeans

Who helped Pompeo to be elected to the Senate?

We obtained an electronic report on financial receipts in elections from 2010 to 2016 to Mike Pompeo. The company “Pompeo for Kansas Inc.” received ’contributions’ to the elections from American gas workers for 380 thousand dollars, including from the company group “Koch Industries”, and all members of the Koch family. They were asked to donate at election parties, the posters of which you see in the publication. You can see all the dates, amounts, and ‘donors’. The receipt of the money was accompanied by campaign promises, which Pompeo is now fulfilling.

What is "Koch Industries"

The Koch family's economic conglomerate has been non-public and not listed on the stock exchange. However, 130 thousand people work in this private industry. They are employed in oil, chemical, fertilizer, agriculture, and logistics.

“Koch Industries” originates from Fred Koch, who went to do business in Soviet Russia. In 1930s under a contract with Stalin Soviet Russia, he built cracking units in the Caucasus for two years and earned $ 5 million. After the contract with him was not renewed, Fred experienced an ideological dislike for the communists and returned to the United States, where he correctly invested the money he had received in USSR. Today, “Koch Industries”' annual revenues are more than $ 100 billion. Big money needs political tutelage, which is successfully carried out by Pompeo.

A romantic love story between Koch Industries and Pompeo

In 1998, Pompeo created “Thayer Aerospace”, which was engaged in the production of spare parts for aircraft. He received 20% of the investment from “Koch Industries” group. In 2006, Pompeo became the head of the company “Sentry International”, supplier of components for “Koch Industries”. All personal financial well-being of a famous politician is built on cooperation with them. In his political career, Pompeo received money from these same industrialists in elections in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. It is evident from the financial report. According to our estimates, Pompeo received about $ 4 million indirectly from gas and oil workers for his elections. This money goes on top of the money received by entrepreneur Pompeo when he was a supplier to “Koch Industries”. This is where the term “henchman of the oligarchs” comes to my mind.

Secretary of State as a profitable investment

Thanks to the financial support of the Koch Group, Pompeo entered into the Senate, where he took up a post on the energy committee. Nowadays head of the State Department Pompeo is fulfilling his promises to Koch Industries, lobbying their interests around the world: in Israel, Saudi Arabia and finally in Europe. He convinces the Europeans of the harm of “Nord Stream-2”, using the full power of ‘Pax Americana’ to this end. What is the benefit?

The US ready to fight with "Nord Stream-2" to the last of Europeans

Koch Industries carries out trade and transportation of natural commodities – gas and oil – from the United States to Europe. It is a significant part of “Koch Industries”' multi-billion dollar business. Check out their website ( The US has two world's largest liquefied natural gas plants. “Koch Industries” has an entire marine fleet ready to transport LNG to Europe. “Koch industries” lacks sales markets, and their protector is clearing these markets out of competitors.

Both Russia and United Europe should know that any verbal intervention of Pompeo is dictated by the history of his business and political career. This fact explains, why he urges the investors of "Nord Stream 2" to get out. Due to the interests of “Koch industries”, Pompeo is ready to fight and convince all Europeans.

Under American law, Mike Pompeo's receipt of money from American gas workers cannot be called a bribe. However, in the United States, federal government officials are prohibited from lobbying private companies. This is what Pompeo is doing around the world, using the resources of the US State Department to lobby.

The report on Pompeo's funding is interesting to European politicians and journalists. In addition to Koch Group, it contains many well-known names and companies wishing to push the boundaries of their sales markets. In the context of the report, all actions of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo become explainable. They are about American money, not about the interests of Europe.


Author: Usa Really