7-year-old autistic boy expelled from church during his sister's baptism ceremony
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7-year-old autistic boy expelled from church during his sister's baptism ceremony


A New Jersey Catholic pastor kicked a non-verbal child with special needs out of the building because he was "distracting" by playing with a ball. According to the boy's family, the priest did not apologize.

"Yes, he was playing with a toy where he should not have been, however, the way the priest kicked him out of the church was completely rude and disrespectful," she wrote on Facebook.

The video shows that Father Luke, in an extremely rude manner, demands to expel the child from the building for breaking the silence. At this time, the parents try to explain that their son, Nicky, has no control over his actions.

Later, the Archdiocese of Newark reacted to the incident and apologized to the family.

"On behalf of the parish and the Archdiocese of Newark, we offer our heartfelt apologies for the abrupt behavior demonstrated by one of our pastors on Saturday during a private family ceremony," read the statement obtained by WABC. "The pastor was unaware that the sibling playing in a nearby candle room during the ceremony has autism."

The priest himself chose not to apologize, but to explain the reason why he kicked the child out.

"My husband told him that he thought a priest, of all people, would be more sympathetic to a child with special needs, that he was completely unprofessional and ruined our celebration. He told him our family deserved an apology," Vicidomini wrote. "The priest came outside to speak to our family but instead of apologizing he began to try to justify the reason he kicked our child out, again saying he was distracting him."

Author: Usa Really