Utah cop suspended for inciting service dog on innocent black man: VIDEO
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Utah cop suspended for inciting service dog on innocent black man: VIDEO


A leaked body camera video shows one of the Salt Lake City police officers repeatedly ordering a service dog to attack 36-year-old Jeffery Ryan.

The shocking footage shows how the dog literally tears off pieces of the man's flesh after he gave up and lay down on the ground. According to official information, the victim of police brutality was unarmed.

"Hit. Hit.," the officer said. "I'm on the ground, why are you biting me? I'm on the ground, stop," Ryan saying while the dog baiting his leg.


"Good boy, good boy," the officer is heard saying to the dog.

Ryan's lawyer commented on the video, saying his client did not resist arrest.

The now-suspended officer, whose name has not been disclosed, justified his behavior by the fact that a protective order was issued on behalf of Ryan's wife to the suspect, and the policeman himself came to complain about possible domestic violence.

The officer's suspension became known on Wednesday. Also, Deputy Chief Jeff Kendrick told CBS News that from now on, the use of service dogs on ordinary calls will be suspended. And K-9 squads will only be used in search missions.

"Just deploying them just for searches, but we do not want them to come in contact with any individuals," Kendrick said.

Victim Ryan is being treated at the hospital. Numerous stitches were placed on the dog's bite sites.

Author: Usa Really