Utah Man Arrested and Released After Impersonating a Police Officer in Order “to Shoot and Bury Illegal Immigrants”
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Utah Man Arrested and Released After Impersonating a Police Officer in Order “to Shoot and Bury Illegal Immigrants”

Utah County Sheriff's Office


An Eagle Mountain man is facing class B misdemeanor and a third degree felony for allegedly impersonating a police officer and then threatening to kill and bury the bodies of two men he believed to be in the country illegally, which will be considered aggravated assault in court.

According to FOX13, Saratoga Springs Police Department officers responded to the case at Inlet Park Sunday, they have at present posted no statements regarding the incident on any of their social media platforms.

When police arrived on the scene, they found a man named Carlos, who told them he and his friend Daniel had been walking down a nearby trail when they were approached by a group of four men and violently threatened, FOX13 reported.

According to the Probable Cause Statement, one of the men began arguing with Carlos and his friend, accusing them of being illegal aliens and claiming to be a corrections officer.

While talking to police Carlos said the man, now identified as 41-year-old Jerred Martin Loftus, claimed to have a firearm, and threatened to shoot the two of them and then bury their bodies in the woods.

Carlos told police he was scared and believed Loftus would follow through with his threats, prompting him to call police.

Police said Loftus fled the scene, leaving his truck behind.

Police report that Carlos was able to positively identify Loftus in a photo lineup, at which point police obtained a search warrant for Loftus’ truck.

Inside the vehicle, police said they found a gun belt, a handgun and several magazines.

Upon interviewing Loftus, police said he admitted to telling Carlos that he had been a correction officer earlier in his life, he denied making any threats with a firearm.

Loftus was detained for criminal mischief in July 2017, but was released soon after. In relation to this incident, he was again booked at 6:43 AM but released the same day at 4:47 PM. The judge set bail at $5,000 for aggravated assault.

Under Utah’s laws, class B misdemeanors are punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. (Utah Code Ann. § § 76-3-204, 76-3-301.) A third degree felony is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. Third degree felonies are the least serious felonies in Utah. (Utah Code Ann. § § 76-3-203, 76-3-301.)

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