Boeing Gets $3.9 Billion Contract for New Air Force One
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Boeing Gets $3.9 Billion Contract for New Air Force One


WASHINGTON, D.C. — July 18, 2018

According to the White House, Boeing Co has received a $3.9 billion contract for the new Air Force One fleet. This will include two 747-8s aircraft painted red, white and blue, custom tailored to the President’s needs, and a hangar to keep them in.

"Boeing gave us a good deal," Trump told CBS, adding that he saved $1.5 billion on the project.

He previously complained that the cost for the new Air Force One fleet was exceeding $4 billion and was far too expensive, tweeting out that “costs are out of control” and adding “Cancel order!”

In December, Trump threatened to cancel the contract with aircraft maker Boeing after again mentioning a $4 billion Air force One. “We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money,” he said.

The White House says this new deal saves tax payers more than $1.4 billion, according to Reuters.

The Air Force plans to replace both of its two Air Force One jets — each about 26 years old — by 2024. Boeing would replace the current 747s with modified 747-8s, which are longer, have a wider wingspan, and are capable of flying 1,000 miles farther without refueling, according to Stars and Stripes. The Boeing 747-8s are designed to be an airborne White House able to fly in worst-case security scenarios, such as nuclear war, and are modified with military avionics, advanced communications and a self-defense system.

Trump told CBS in an interview that aired on Tuesday that the new model Air Force One would be updated on the inside and have a different exterior colour scheme from the current white and two shades of blue dating back to President John F. Kennedy’s administration.

“Red, white and blue,” Trump said. “Air Force One is going to be incredible. It’s going to be the top of the line, the top in the world. And it’s going to be red, white and blue, which I think is appropriate.”

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