Tallahassee White man legally aimed gun at BLM protesters: the city said
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Tallahassee White man legally aimed gun at BLM protesters: the city said


Saturday's illegal rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement nearly ended in tragedy. The city authorities confirmed that the carrier of a concealed weapon was forced to defend against the brutalized crowd of demonstrators.

According to the video and police, the man was attacked, then, in self-defense, he pulled out a pistol and aimed at the protesters. After analyzing the evidence, the authorities concluded that no charges would be filed.

"During the protest, a white male entered the crowd and began documenting the protest. That individual was pushed from behind by a white protester, which led to a physical altercation between the individual and several other white males,” the news release said. "During the altercation, the individual was knocked to the ground. He got back to his feet and brandished a gun. TPD officers quickly engaged, took the individual into custody and peacefully dispersed the crowd. There were no reported injuries."

The video also captured the moment of the arrest of a man who was later identified as Adam Ferguson. According to Ferguson, it all started with pushing his girlfriend. When the situation reached its limit and the protesters began to attack him defending his girlfriend, he pulled out a pistol.

"It was all just 60 seconds, but it felt much longer,” he told the Tallahassee Democrat. “I don’t know why he would bring violence to a peaceful protest. When he pulled the gun out, it all went rank."



Author: Usa Really