Black activist considers Black Lives Matter as modern KKK
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Black activist considers Black Lives Matter as modern KKK


The young activist has dealt a crushing blow to the liberal terrorist movement Black lives Matter. 20-year-old Christian Walker calls Democrats latent racists, urging them to stop following herd instincts and take a sober view of things.

“The Democrats had to switch to, ‘okay, we can’t be directly racist anymore, so let’s just pretend we like Black people. This is always what they do. They go, “Hey look, Black people, we’re going to have a female, Black woman VP. Vote for us. Oh, let me give you another tidbit, Black people, that VP is gonna keep you on the victimhood plantation. She’s gonna give you an extra welfare check so you’re not gonna be able to support yourself. They’re gonna entice you to divorce each other,” Walker stated.

According to the anti-BLM activist, this entire liberal movement hates black people and literally hides its racism, like the KKK used to hide their faces under white hoods.

“Black Lives Matter is the KKK in Blackface!”



“’Black Lives Matter’ is a disgusting name for an organization that hates Black men and hates Black people. Overall, you’re a domestic terrorist organization,” Walker explains. “The “Left” runs itself by locking people into group-think-like mobs. You’re Black. You’re LGBTQ. You’re an immigrant. You’re part of Silicon Valley in an effort to pretend that they’re people inclusive and that they care about people. But what it winds up turning into is a manipulation technique.”

Author: Usa Really