Man charged after mirrors found installed in bathrooms of New Jersey Middle School
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Man charged after mirrors found installed in bathrooms of New Jersey Middle School


A New Jersey Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning worker is facing charges after some mirrors were found installed in the School girl’s bathroom this week.

The sickening discovery was made at Glen Landing Middle School in Gloucester Township, New Jersey. On September 9 the mirrors were found installed on the stalls inside one of the girl’s bathrooms.

51-year-old Gregory Mahley was arrested after the school officials started suspecting somebody could use the mirrors to peer into the stalls from an air conditioning vent above. In all, there were three mirrors installed in three different stalls and it’s unclear for how long the mirrors were there before the terrible trick became known.

"We have recovered electronic devices. He definitely would have had a viewpoint of the mirrors coming through," Gloucester Township Police Chief David Harkins said.

Mahley was an employee of Multi-Temp Mechanical, Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning company that performing the service at the school. Gloucester Township police are investigating if the perv could install more mirrors in other schools.

All schools in the District and law enforcement agencies were alerted to check if there were mirrors of that type of configuration inside the bathroom stalls.

"I am very disturbed to learn of criminal charges filed today against an employee of an outside contractor who was performing HVAC work at Glen Landing Middle School. Upon notification of suspicious behavior, the school's administration immediately contacted local law enforcement authorities," said Superintendent John Bilodeau in a statement.

Mahley is facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child, invasion of privacy, and possession of child pornography.

Author: Usa Really