Georgian police officer fired after video shows him repeatedly punching a black man during traffic stop
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Georgian police officer fired after video shows him repeatedly punching a black man during traffic stop


A Georgian police officer has been arrested after he was caught on camera repeatedly punching a black man during a traffic stop. The video made by a bystander and showing the controversial arrest quickly went viral on social media.

The name of the cop is not immediately released.

The victim of the cop’s senseless brutality is Roderick Walker, Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said. Walker was traveling in his car with his girlfriend, their five-months child, and his stepson when he was pulled up by the police officer for an alleged broken rear light.

Walker’s attorney said that officer demanded Walker get out of the car. Walker asked the cop why since he was not driving. The video shows two cops over top Walker, one of them repeatedly punching him. The cop then explained to the bystander that Walker allegedly bit hem which Walker then denied.

Walker’s girlfriend screamed at the officers telling them that he could not breathe, while the child can be heard screaming “Daddy” from the vehicle. Walker then said that he passed out at least a couple of times during the beating.

A photo later taken in jail shows Walker with a huge eye bruise. He is said to receive medical treatment at the jail and is being monitoring by a doctor.

"My reaction to the video is that it just shows, unfortunately, another incident where an African American male's civil rights have been violated by people and officers and law enforcement who have the duty first to protect and serve," Walker’s attorney, Shean Williams said.

The incident is under investigation after Williams asked the Georgian Bureau of Investigation to observe the case.

The cop has been fired.

The County Court denied bond for Walker because there were warrants on him which included one for cruelty to children and another for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Author: Usa Really