FBI and Police Bomb Squad were called to Queens home after bomb-making materials were found
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FBI and Police Bomb Squad were called to Queens home after bomb-making materials were found


Bomb-making materials were discovered in a Queens home Tuesday night when the firefighters responded to a small fire.

The firefighters responded to a small fire in a two-story residential building on 19th St. at 24th Ave.and brought the flames under control withing an hour.

Later that day, the landlord was checking the damage and discovered the suspicious materials. The landlord then reported the discovery to the police department. Initially the cops didn’t check the container containing the alleged materials citing that it was illegal to go through somebody’s property. The landlord then called the FBI.

New York Police Department Squad was immediately called to the scene about 2 p.m. When arrived, the authorities confirmed that the materials were explosives. Authorities found potassium nitrate, fuses and other bomb-making materials.

“There were fuses, brand new fuses wrapped up like sausages, metal cups and something in a FedEx box. And some kind of weird metal dust," one of the neighbors said.

The book with a manual describing the creation of a bomb was also found at the scene, investigators said. The surrounding territory was closed by the police while the authorities, including the FBI agents were questioning the tenant.

“We would describe these materials as precursor materials, but nothing had been assembled,” said Lt. Mark Torre of the Bomb Squad. “Taken together, they could assemble an explosive device, and some of the packages and literature found... there were books about military explosives, booby traps and other things.”

“The fire department came back and found two more boxes filled with stuff like that,” he said.

Authorities believe the suspect was alone. Police said they caught an emotionally disturbed person who jumped out of the building’s window. The suspect, whose name has not been released is in custody and has been evaluated in the hospital. There is no information about the charges. According to the police source, he has a past domestic violence arrest.

Police said that there was no danger of the explosion to the area as the search was continuing but asked the residents to take the issue seriously.

Author: Usa Really