President Trump's daughter and A.G. Barr declared war on Human Trafficking
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President Trump's daughter and A.G. Barr declared war on Human Trafficking


Ivanka Trump, William Barr and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow announced on Monday additional funding to combat child trafficking. The discussion took place in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday.

The Tim Tebow Foundation has reportedly joined the initiative and said it will initially provide $ 100 million.


“With over $100 million being announced today in new grants, it sets the administration’s largest ever investment in Department of Justice grants to combat the scourge of human trafficking, arguably the gravest of human rights violations,” Ivanka stated.

“The leaders and community members we’re meeting with in Atlanta are on the front lines of this fight and are critical to our efforts to end this horrific crime,” she said. “I look forward to learning more about the critical services they provide and announcing additional funding and resources from the Trump administration to assist in these efforts.”

For Tim Tebow, the war against the sale of people around the world is a personal matter. Because his father personally rescued four girls from sex slavery.

“You know, the reason why we got into this was because eight years ago my dad was preaching in a remote country and there were four girls that he was next to that were being sold. And he took out all the money out of his wallet which was $1,250 and he bought those four girls. And then he called me and said, ‘I just bought four girls and not really sure what to do now.’ and I said, ‘that’s ok dad. we’ve got your back,” Tebow said.

Author: Usa Really