Almost 1,500 Virginia voters received 2 copies of absentee ballots
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Almost 1,500 Virginia voters received 2 copies of absentee ballots


A new portion of fraud in the upcoming elections. This time, more than 1,000 Virginia residents received two ballots each. Local officials talk about a possible threat to the elections.

Virginia Republican Party chairman Rich Anderson accused the Democrats of violating the electoral process.

“We knew the Democrats’ many last-minute changes to our election law would make our elections less secure, but no one could imagine voters receiving two ballots,” he said.

The officials themselves do not see their fault in this and refer to the malfunction of label printing machines.

“Officials blamed the confusion on label printing machines that jammed, erroneously causing some to be duplicated when entire pages were reprinted due to damage to just some of the labels. “Before the supervisors caught it, the people applying the labels applied them to the entire sheet of labels rather than just pulling out the ones that should have been processed,” Fairfax County Registrar Gary Scott told NBC 4 Washington. “Fairfax saw the majority of the duplicate ballots, with about 1,000, out of roughly 1,400 across the state. Another 300 were sent to voters in the city of Richmond and 100 in Henrico County, just to the north.”

Over the past week, this is not the first time electoral fraud has been revealed.

At the moment, an investigation is underway into the case of 9 ballots thrown into the river in Pennsylvania, 7 of which were in favor of Donald Trump.

The most high-profile fraud was uncovered at a landfill in California. A local resident accidentally saw thousands of containers thrown into the trash, and took pictures of the workers trying to hide the tracks.

Image: Fairfax County \ Flickr

Author: Usa Really