Missouri Christain Boarding School finally under investigation after allegations of physical and sexual abuse
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Missouri Christain Boarding School finally under investigation after allegations of physical and sexual abuse


Missouri “Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch and Boarding School” is under investigation over alleged sexual abuse and abuse of power after the ranch owners’ daughter began speaking out about her parents’ abusive behavior and cruel methods of education.

Everything has been wrong with this place, started by 71-year-old Boyd Householder and his wife 55-year-old Stephanie, since 2015 when the first reports of sexual raping in the ranch appeared. But back then the authorities were powerful to do something due to the utter lack of regulation in Missouri, where private schools like this one are able to create their own rules. There was simply no evidence of wrongdoing.

Boyd reportedly used physical restraints as punishments. Many parents reported that he used to place girls face down for as long as an hour, while he pressed a knee into their necks. Boyd also forced other girls squeeze the victims pressure points. 

If the children didn’t follow the rules, they were forced to stand and stare at a wall walls for hours at a time for days in a row. Another reported kind of punishment was when Boyd withheld foods if they thought that a girl was overweight.

But the situation with the place changed when Boyd and Stephanie’s daughter Amanda, began publicly speaking about her parents by posting the truth-revealing videos on TikTok. In these videos she shared her own memories and the stories of the victims. Her video soon attracted a million of views and the attention of the authorities.  

The Cedar County Sheriff’s Department and the state Department of Social Services opened an investigation, which eventually brought to the removing two dozen girls from the ranch in August. The investigation is still ongoing.

On Wednesday, two former residents anonymously filed lawsuits against the Householders. One lawsuit says that Boyd raped the plaintiff multiple times in 2015 when she was a minor. According to the second lawsuit, the Householders fed her so little that she lost 40 pounds in two months when she was placed there in 2014. 


Since 2006, the “Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch and Boarding School” has been home to hundreds of girls who were sent there because their personal behavior or life circumstances required them to go somewhere with more discipline and oversight.


Author: Usa Really