EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Murder in Loveland Reported
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EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Murder in Loveland Reported

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LOVELAND, COLORADO – July 20, 2018    

USA Really got a phone call today and a man has reported that he witnessed a murder. The caller identified himself and provided additional information.

The incident happened in Loveland, Colorado.

He told that he witnessed six kids and the victim's boyfriend carry woman body on a boat. Later they faked her suicide.

The gangsters have a kinship with the local law that they have used over the years to rob families, witness said.

“Their Power is many trusted people in the community that look the other way when their victims try to report them. Without evidence there is nothing that they can do but now there is evidence and their accomplices are so used to their stealth that they are exposing all of the network,” said in his post. “This isn't the first time they have done this to someone and they had to do it from their own backyards,” according to his report.

USA Really is investigating this incident.

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Author: USA Really