VIDEO shows a white racist woman throws a puppy at a Black man while harassing him
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VIDEO shows a white racist woman throws a puppy at a Black man while harassing him


A video recently posted on social media shows an apparently drunk white woman harassing an African American man with racism and throwing a puppy at him. And what started as a conflict ended up as a new friendship between the man and a little dog.

The Instagram user @lanowoods shared the incident that happened to him on a parking lot in California.

It’s unclear what brought to the incident but as soon as the confrontation between a young unidentified woman and a black man began, the victim himself took his cellphone and began recording.

The woman apparently dosed with alcohol, or how some of the Reddit users suggested it was meth, can be seen holding a puppy, which looks like a Shepherd puppy, in her arms. The lady crosses the man’s way to his vehicle and starts harassing the man with the fact that he is black.

“It’s military of the United States of America, you’re black,” she says constantly stepping in his path.

“So what?” the man asks openly laughing at the deranged attacker. “So what if I am f***ing black?”

The woman then spits to the ground arousing the man’s disgust and raises her voice replying, “So what if I am f***ing white?”

At that moment she for some reason asks him if he is not from California. “I’m not from California,” he says. When she asks him if he is from Utah (no possible reason why Utah exactly), the man orders her to back up.

“What’s the f***k wrong with you? Back up, bro.”

She calls him nasty for calling her "bro" and continues to stay on his way to the vehicle.

“Who are you?” he asks through the laughter.

“I don’t have an identity,” she answers.

One time the crazy racist woman even kicks the man in the leg. He patiently ignores it but implies that he would have backfired if she were a man.

And at the crucial moment when the man asks her if it was her dog, the woman all of the sudden throws the poor puppy at the man. This is where the hearts of the animal-loving viewers would probably bleed because after hitting at the man, the puppy shrilly yelps and falls on the ground.

That’s not wonderful that the dog rushes to him searching for protection and the man starts comforting the puppy.

“Get the f**k out of here, you dumb b**ch!” he tells the woman.

And when the woman accuses him of stealing her dog, attempting to grab his arm and even punch him, the man declines and says that it is not her dog.

And since then it’s true. Later the man posted pictures of him and the puppy inside his car when he eventually could get to it. He also posted the video with that puppy on his Instagram, and it turned out that this is not the first dog that he and his girlfriend adopted.

VIDEO shows a white racist woman throws a puppy at a Black man while harassing him

It’s unclear what then happened to that woman and there is no information if the man filed the report to the police about the incident although it was heard on the video that he had threatened that she would go to jail. And she really should be jailed and charged with at least cruelty to animals.

Watch the video below.


Author: Usa Really