EXCLUSIVE: Immigrants Rights Activists Protest in Florida
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EXCLUSIVE: Immigrants Rights Activists Protest in Florida

USA Really


Marcelo Sánchez especially for USA Really.

South Florida activists shut down the entrance of an immigration detention center for several hours. The police made several arrests.

Alexis Brooke Butler, local activist, said: “I’m here, because, it’s a disgrace, what they’re doing to ordinary people. They are tearing families apart…”.

While US mainstream media is going mad with paranoia about Russian spies around every corner, something alarming is happening: Trump and his corporate friends, such as the Geo Group, have started an ethnic cleansing campaign using private jails as concentration camps. These are places where numerous human rights violations are happening, as we speak.

Alexandra Stephanie Audate, legal observer, told the correspondent: “This is a worthful fight. Everybody who is a part of this, understands that we can’t be free, until people are no longer getting detained here”.

Marcelo Sanchez, USA Really correspondent, reports: “This week the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law filed a report in a federal court in Los Angeles, stating that there were more than 200 accounts from migrant children and their parents detailing the horrific conditions they faced while detained”.

Alessandra Mondolfi, artist and freedom fighter, says: “This immigrant policy is completely fascist. These literally are torture camps. I mean, let’s give children back to the families, if we find them, and then – put them in camps! This is insane, to build camps for 20,000 people”.

And while this is happening, 300,000 US-born children could soon be without their parents. Their parents could be deported because of Trump's decision to end TPS, or Temporary Protected Status, for thousands of people from Central America. They are foreigners, but their children are American citizens. Yet, there is no way for them to claim residency status for their parents.

Luke Carlos, activist, says: “We should stop talking. This is not supposed to happen, but it happens over and over again, and so this is why we’re asking right now, the police should stop abusing people of color. There is no compromise, it has to be stopped! We want asylum for all asylum seekers, for all refugees, who come here”.

After almost 6 hours, these freedom fighters were thrown in jail. But their message prevails: There are communities out there being discriminated against, but no matter how much you persecute and harass them, they will prevail because they are willing to sacrifice everything for their families, and their children.


Author: USA Really