“Enslaved” Intruder Sue Texas On 1 Million Dollars
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“Enslaved” Intruder Sue Texas On 1 Million Dollars


The black man, who was escorted through the streets of Galveston by two police horseback rider, intends to sue the state for $ 1 million.

The incident took place in 2019. Photos of the slave walk went viral in a matter of hours. Many residents expressed frustration, which forced the local police, and the officers involved in particular, to apologize.

The detainee was Donald Neely. Police said Neely was warned several times that he would not enter private property. Eventually, he was arrested and taken to the police station with his hands tied behind his back, walking alongside two officers on horseback.

"Neely suffered from handcuff abrasions, suffered from the heat, and suffered from embarrassment, humiliation and fear as he was led by rope and mounted officers down the city street," the lawsuit claims.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 7th next year. Plaintiff asks for a jury.

Author: Usa Really