VIDEO: An annoying YouTube troll throws mask at store employee refusing to wear it and gets busted by cop during his own LiveStream
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VIDEO: An annoying YouTube troll throws mask at store employee refusing to wear it and gets busted by cop during his own LiveStream


A video from Arizona shows an annoying customer refusing to wear a mask inside a local sport center and eventually gets detained by a police officer for trespassing after he refused to leave.

The incident took place in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Livestream video shows a man, a YouTuber known for his trolling videos, off-camera entering a local Babbitt's Sport Center and approaching the counter. One of the employees asks him if he needs a mask. “I actually do,” he replies while another employee from behind the counter hands a mask to him.

And here it begins.

The man who initially seemed to be nice changes in his behavior and raises his voice.

“I have one here to say, F***k your mask!” he cries out tossing the mask back at the employee, adding that he is not going to wear it.

The employee then calmly asks him to leave for which he refuses. After a short argument he gives in (apparently not for real) but the employee insists on him leaving the store.

The YouTube troll hushes him and goes to walk through the aisles. He soon finds a cap he wants to buy and shows his face for his viewers to check out how he looks. Afterward, he returns to the counter to pay for it.

When at the counter, he is getting surprised seeing a female employee talking on the phone.

“Are you calling police over the mask?” he exclaims. “There is no mask mandate in Arizona, mam.”

“You’re on private property, and we can require a mask,” she tells him after hanging up.

He still tries to buy the hat when a male employee in a black mask comes saying, “Dude, stop being a d**khead.”

“I’m not being a d**khead, I want to buy a hat.”

“That’s cute,” the employee says, “we’re not going to sell anything to you.”

“Is this not America, bro?” the insufferable customer continues.

During the video, the messages with donations from his viewers can be seen popping on. One of them appears right at the moment of the confrontation over the hat.

“She is just shiat testing you if you are a beta without even realizing it, all women do that, once gets you don’t give a damn, she will be cute af [sic],” a comment reads out loud and everyone around the nasty shopper can hear it. The man can be seen laughing at it.  

One more argument occurs, during which the employees still ask him to leave. When the YouTuber understands that he will stay without that fancy ultramarine color hat that he liked so much, he gives up and leaves it on the counter before trying to exit the shop.

But that’s not how it turns out.

Just as soon as he heads to the exit, a police officer can be seen entering the door.

“Stop, put your camera off and turn you back,” the cop, wearing a black mask, orders.

At this moment, the man’s behavior, as well as his mood, changes again, and he is not that beta anymore.

“What’s wrong? What did I do?” he asks.

“You’ve committed trespassing,” the officer explains and points at the employees, “I’ve already talked to them on my way here, they asked you five times to leave. That’s more than you usually go.”

“I’m leaving right now.”

“It doesn’t matter,” the cop insists, “you’ve lost an opportunity.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m dead serious.”

The new argument begins between the man and the cop but now the male Karen sounds scared and confused, he says that he is already leaving and “won’t come back in here.” But that doesn’t work. Once a cop is called he must get his job done.

“You’re going to be detained,” the officer says coming closer. “I don’t wanna do it to you.”

The nearly four-minute-long clip ends when the officer requires to see the man’s ID and the camera is being put on the counter. It’s unclear what happened then and if the man really got arrested. And if so, it is interesting whether he is going to wear a face mask when in court.

Author: Usa Really