Former Defense official and leaker of Pentagon papers in his article urges to defeat President Trump calling him " an emeny of the Constitution"
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Former Defense official and leaker of Pentagon papers in his article urges to defeat President Trump calling him " an emeny of the Constitution"


Former Defense and State Department official and author Daniel Ellsberg released an article in which he urges to vote for Joe Biden and call current President of the U.S. Donald Trump an enemy of the Constitution.

“I now see Donald J. Trump as a domestic enemy of the Constitution, in the sense of that oath,” the author of Doomsday Machine wrote. “As president he has assaulted not only the First Amendment but also virtually every other aspect and institution of our country that preserves us as a republic.”

Ellsberg is largely known for his another book “Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.” In 1971 he was convicted of leaking the Pentagon papers and could face 115 years in prison. In his article published in Detroit Metro Times on Tuesday Ellsberg says that Trump must be defeated.

“For almost four years, I’ve been very worried — ashamed and dismayed, really — that my country allowed Donald Trump to be president,” Ellsberg begins in the article. “It’s now of transcendent importance to prevent him from gaining a second term.”

However, the former U.S. government traitor, states that he himself would vote for Bernie Sander and that Joe Biden is neither a good candidate of all the Democrats.

“As a progressive, I've certainly disagreed with him on many issues in the past. In fact, he was low on my list of preferences among the Democratic candidates. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary, as I did in 2016. (Elizabeth Warren would have been my second choice this year.)”

Daniel Ellsberg began his career as a U.S. Marine company commander, a Pentagon official, and a staunch supporter of America's battle against Communist expansion. When Ellsberg was charges under the Espionage Act of 1917 along with other charges of theft and conspiracy and prepared to spent the rest of his life behind bars, he smuggled out of his office the seven-thousand-page top-secret study, known as the Pentagon Papers, of U.S. decision making in Vietnam.

The charges against Ellsberg were dismissed on May 11, 1973 thankfully because of government misconduct and illegal evidence-gathering.

In the Article, Ellsberg insists on removing Donald Trump from the office.

“The election now underway must remove Donald Trump from the presidency. Whatever reservations you might have about Joe Biden, the fact remains that his victory over Trump would mean that our country will have dodged a bullet — preventing the destruction of our Constitution as a functional document and averting irreversible damage to human civilization in the next four years.”

Author: Usa Really