VIDEO: "You guys suck!" Man buys homeless guy a food at South Carolina McDonald's but manager calls police on them for trespessing
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VIDEO: "You guys suck!" Man buys homeless guy a food at South Carolina McDonald's but manager calls police on them for trespessing


The controversial video shows a man brings a homeless man to a McDonald’s restaurant to give him food but the management of the venue called cops on the poor man for trespassing. Eventually, the Good Samaritan tells the restaurant’s employees that “McDonald’s sucks.”

This incident took place in 2018 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and in the same year the video of it was uploaded on YouTube, but recently, after a short clip of that was repeatedly published on social media, it triggered a hot discussion among the users. So it is not out of place to show the video today and recall the story that happened in one of the McDonald’s restaurants two years ago.

The more than five-minute-long footage starts when a police officer, standing against the table where a homeless man is eating his food, is explaining to him why he is accused of trespassing and why he must leave.

The homeless guy is seen confused and frustrated at the moment when the man, who brought him inside to have dinner and who is filming the incident on his cellphone, comes to the defense of the man and cuts the officer up.

“Maam, he didn’t ask me for money,” he tells the female Hispanic cop.

When he doesn’t get any response from the officer and sees how the homeless guy is trying to excuse himself, the man loses his temper and exclaims:

“By the way, you guys, suck for not letting a homeless man sit here, who even didn’t ask me for food. You guys suck.”

“I paid for his food. You guys suck,” he says repeatedly promosing never to be back in this place. “He didn’t even ask me for food, I brought him from outside. You guys suck for giving him trespassing.”

This makes the manager of the restaurant, who appears to be an African-American, come out and ask the man to calm down his voice.

“This is how I talk, I talk loud,” the man replies. “If the officer has a problem with that the officer is going to arrest me.”

The cop then tells him that multiple people complained about the homeless guy inside while the manager is politely convincing him to stop yelling.

The man can be heard commenting, “I brought him to eat inside but as soon as they see him they tell him he can’t eat. They called the cops for trespassing, the guy did nothing wrong.”

Both, homeless guy and his sponsor, are not allowed to finish their food. And then the man requests a refund for his food to which the cop answers that she is not “civil court.”

He asks for the manager’s name to have it for civil court and again explains to the crowd at the counter, “I’m getting kicked out of here because I gave a homeless guy food.” But the manager tells him that he is asked out for being disordered.

“I just want you to leave, sir,” the manager replies.

“I’m not here to argue with you,” the officer tells the angered man. “I am the law, you need to get your staff and leave.”

Eventually, they had to leave after the man received his receipt.

“You guys suck though,” he repeats before going outside.

He then tells the homeless man to get into his car and offers to buy him food in some other place. At that moment the homeless man is breaking into tears saying, “I did nothing wrong.” The video ends when the man screams at the officer who also outside at that moment:

“You know what you’re doing is wrong, you know that already. Deep inside you you know that. It’s very wrong.”

Author: Usa Really