18-year-old evicted from Utah County student housing after she told her rommates about her suicidal thoughts
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18-year-old evicted from Utah County student housing after she told her rommates about her suicidal thoughts


An 18-year-old woman was evicted from student housing after she allegedly told her roommate that she had suicidal tendencies last month.

The story took place in Orem, when a student of Utah Velley University woke up Tuesday morning and found an eviction notification taped on her door. The note was from Ventana Student Housing, which owns the building, signed by a landlord.

The notice suggested that the woman violated her lease contract. To parameters were especially pointed out: breaching the “quiet enjoyment of the premises” and threatening “endangerment of human life.”

“We have been made aware that you have vocalized suicidal tendencies which has caused … stress and alarm to your roommates,” it added. “At this time, we are choosing to terminate your contract, as explained above. We ask that you take the next few days to move out your belongings and find alternative housing.”

As soon as she saw the letter, she said she immediately started packing her bags in panic but was too anxious so she “couldn’t move anything.”

The woman, whose name is not being published, suffered depression for the last two years after her mother’s death. She added that the note made her feel even worse.

“The landlord is telling me not to live here because I was having suicidal thoughts,” she said Thursday. “That’s not something I can help. And it’s just hurtful.”

And once she indeed shared with her roommates about her state. He mother passed away in September 2018. The things got even rougher due to the school stress and isolation because of COVID-19. And she confided in her three roommates, two of which she’d known before moving in this August.

She was feeling low and suicidal and hoped they might be able to help her move forward. But instead, they went to housing management. The notification came three weeks after. It gives her a final eviction date of Oct. 19 — six days after the notice.

“I was completely shocked,” the woman said. “I just didn’t know what to do.”

The woman that contacted her friend for a help and then moved all her belongings to their house. On Thursday, she began searching for a new apartment.


Author: Usa Really