Media accidently caught a possible voting fraud in Maryland
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Media accidently caught a possible voting fraud in Maryland


It's not legit though but the recently posted video shows a possible mail-in voting fraud that took place while examining the mail-in ballots in Maryland.

The media was livestreaming in Germantown, Maryland, from a mail-in ballot office when what is suspected to be a fraud was accidently caught on camera.

Anonymous English-language imageboard website 4Chan then leaked this video to the social media.

The short clip shows the poll-workers at the tables piled with the ballots examining and counting them. As it was repeatedly suggested, the scams could take place.

At one moment, a man can be seen cautiously looking around and eyes the camera while opening the envelop with the ballot. Then he turns back unfolding the ballot, takes a black market and marks something in the ballot.

After catching this controversial moment, the camera fishily pans away in the differed direction.

Many internet users suggested that the man was tasked to fill the ballots which came blank, however, it’s not worth forgetting that he could be legit by simply marking the ballot as counted.

But the way the worker looked away arose the suspicion among the internet users.


Author: Usa Really