Duende Diary (III)
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Duende Diary (III)

USA Really

July 13th

What do you know about turtles?  A terrible animal! Not only is ours slow, she is also stupid, aggressive and vindictive.  She creep quietly and has a painful bite, and the rest of the time she clanks around like an empty tin can.  She is  mostly active at night.  She craws out of their box, and makes her move. She has terrible vision, and can't move in reverse. Running across the laminate flooring, she keep us up all night! I got so tired of this I decided to put wheels on her feet. Lets see if she can get used to it.

In a similar way, new developments are being added to the mobility of robots.

Robots are becoming more nimble. This video shows you the next generation robot Cheetah from MIT.

Unfortunately, mankind is facing a problem which can not be solved in the framework of existing economic and political models  - robots are getting smarter every year, and people remain static at best. It is not clear if robots will operate on abstract concepts or understand complex ideas, but the fact is that robots will replace people in simple professions, it is only a matter of time.

There are already two working models of robots capable of bricklaying from different companies that can do the work of 6 unionized masons every single day, without a break, benefits or a paycheck. The first robot is called SAM (Semi-Automated Mason). There is also Fastbrick Robotics' Hadrian X, a brick-laying robot that will soon be capable of constructing whole homes by itself. According to the company's website, Hadrian is capable of constructing the walls of a home in a single day. This machine does the work of 6 unionized workers and takes no breaks.

The second robot is called "Adrian X", it was recently introduced by an Australian company:

This is a good example of how the new technology may seem relatively crud, but already indicates the direction things are heading in the future. The current version of the robot has many flaws, but no fundamental problems. It is becoming clear that in the near future this technology will reach the necessary level to replace laborers.

We can not say that these robots will destroy all jobs... For example, robots need to be serviced, it will need to write new software, and so on. However, the stumbling block is that almost none of these new professions/jobs will be able to be mastered/occupied by a former mason. This is the tragedy of the new technological revolution, and soon this problem will be inescapable.

July 15th

All day yesterday, I taught the turtle how to move on wheels. It was not easy, but I made some progress. All I have to do now is teach her to shift into reverse and I can set her free.

I asked parrot to tell me what happened to this world while I was tinkering with the turtle. He said he's been behind bars for 2 days. He said his chains were choking him and so he was not able to tell his story, but if I released him he would have some very interesting things to say. I was intrigued, and let him out.

The parrot  told me that Texas Border Patrol agents have arrested two MS-13 gang members on two separate occasions this week for illegally entering the country. One of these illegal aliens has previously been deported from the United States four times.

 President Donald J. Trump has previously called MS-13 gang members “animals.”  It seems Trump was confused a bit in calling them “animals”. He should have called them “fish”, because this government acts like a fishermen, releasing a fish to let it grow a bit. Now it seems like the fish has grown enough and ready to be caught and cooked.

A 25-year-old Texas woman will spend 40 years in prison after she pleaded guilty for trying to sell her 2-year-old child for sex.
The news gave rise to considerable indignation and a sharp response in the press. Some people called it an “irresponsible animal act”. The cat was very angry. “It's discrimination, pure and simple,” he cried. “Let's face it. She's - she's definitely not animal nor vegetable. Animals are not capable of this kind of behavior”! The cat may be right.

To the international news

During Trump's visit to London, the music charts in the English capital were led by the hit group Green Day's song "American Idiot”.

The song is very accurate and highly symptomatic. The same thing happens in America all the time, parrot said. I began to wonder how he has time to listen to so much news. «You try sitting in captivity!». I decided to stay quiet.

But lets go back to national issues... A Florida resident committed suicide, making his suicide look like a murder. After a long investigation, the police found that he copied an episode of the hit series CSI

I looked at the parrot and cat and  decided to set a time limit on watching TV after they became addicted to the show. They're up to no good. The cat has been hooked on Game of Thrones. She says she likes Arya Stark. I'm worried that this could end badly for me.

An Englishwoman skull broke open. It turns out that it happened because of her smoking habit, which changed the pressure in her sinuses. After treatment, she gave up the bad habit

A complicated scheme to quit Smoking, but hey, it works.

In Guatemala a submarine with 800 kg of cocaine and a photo of Neymar on the package was detained.

July 16th

In the morning the mistress came with her friend. She told me about our old house, about her family, about her children.  Mostly, of course, she was talking about her children. She showed pictures and video. Strange, these women! Is it not clear that the stories about how late and pooped their child is are not interesting to anyone except themselves. My mistress, however, pretended that she was listening, and spoke a lot about herself. She talked about how good she is, how truly wonderful life is out here: job, salary, new friends. Such vicious lies! She also said that she was glad that she had broke up with Juan and that it was too early for her to have a family and children and a lot of other nonsense. And then in the evening, she was crying in the bedroom.

“Life is like toilet paper. Seems long, but you spend it on shit,” said the Parrot. “Her instinct awakened. She needs to have her man and have children.  It could be, of course, just children, but children without a man sounds bad.”

 The turtle said that it is now in fashion to give birth to children and to stay alone. Turtle says it's not going to do any good. It was always like this before the Empire collapsed. So it was in Ancient Babylon, in Ancient Rome, in Byzantium.

While they were arguing, I went to see the mistress and found her depressed. I Tried to create a diversion the way by clinking pewter. She didn't pay attention. The cat swore at me. He told me to stop being an idiot, and that he's the only one who knows how to help her. He told me to sit quietly and not say a peep.

“If I don't come in half an hour, you'll have to wait more,” he said haughtily and went to the mistress’ bedroom.  What he was doing there, I do not know, but an hour later she calmed down, and after two was sleeping.

The cat came out as a winner. Said that we are all Amateurs, only capable of tearing the throat.

“But how?” I asked.

“I'm easy to trust. I'm a cat.” He said then fell and immediately fell asleep.

At night we discussed the problem with the parrot and turtle.  The parrot said the feminists are to blame. They've established a paradigm: “Men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed.” This paradigm has led to the fact that masculine behavior is condemned by society. But this is a delirium. It’s more than a nonsense, it’s a lie! Men die five years earlier than women, have more dangerous jobs, and are often passed over for custody. Boys are two times more likely than girls to commit suicide. Boys are 29 percent less likely to get a college degree than girls.  So why do men earn more and have more influence in government and business? A big reason, the parrot argues, is that men are filling social expectations to become the family breadwinner.  The problem is that, in the liberal-dominated and female-centric world of modern education, masculinity, in our "hyper-sensitive" society is increasingly being considered “toxic.” Boys in our modern age are consistently punished, merely for acting like boys, and are not being properly transitioned into manhood.  And the government supports this. Their welfare programs just encourage fatherless households. Study after study finds that having both a mother and father is best, at least for straight families. Even when we control for the amount of money a father and mother earn, children with dads still do much better. The rate of fatherless households has increased partly because of welfare programs that tear the family apart by giving the money to mothers when fathers are absent and not giving money to mothers when fathers are present.

I partly agree with the parrot. I didn’t like Juan much either, but without him she is so much worse. I can see it…

July 17th

The cat is an ass-licker and sycophant after all. Today the mistress gave him a bowl of milk, but nothing to me again. Well, let's see where he finds his favorite hairpin. In the cat's tray again?!

July 18th

Told the cat he saw a mouse in the apartment. The cat is on the warpath. He doesn’t sleep at night, he is now sitting in ambush all night long.

July 19th

I have to do something with a turtle. It seems it begin to get used to her wheels. It was not easy for it from the beginning. The turtle got mad from such speeds and did not understand what I’ve wanted from her. But now it’s OK, more or less, I've already driven through the laminate as F1 car.  Taking into consideration its’ propensity for ambushes, it could cause problems.

July 20th

The cat told me he caught the mouse while I was sleeping. I won't upset him. Let him think I believed it.

Author: El Duende