Biden-Trump's vapid final debate never revealed a future U.S. leader
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Biden-Trump's vapid final debate never revealed a future U.S. leader


The final debate of the two candidates for the presidency of the United States was again held in the mode of mutual insults, but this time, in a more orderly manner, since the microphones were muted in time.

When discussing prepared topics, both candidates talked about each other's shortcomings, accused of corruption, connections with foreign governments and inaction.

In particular, Joe Biden made unfounded accusations against Trump of ties with Russia, to which the current US President countered with clear evidence of the illegal enrichment of the Biden family at the expense of Ukraine, Russia and China.

The allegations are high-profile, but besides the absence of Trump's tax returns and tens of thousands of leaked Hunter Biden emails, there is no other evidence of corruption yet. Moreover, Biden confidently declares "participation" in the US 2020 elections, Russia, China and Iran, "which will pay the price."

The main weapon of the Democratic Party was the coronavirus pandemic, and in the second debate, the one who only aspires to the presidency, but did nothing during the entire pandemic, accused Trump and his administration of slowness and urged him to step down.

Biden's supporters were finally glad that their candidate was able to come up with the correct numbers.

In addition to all that has been said, both Trump and Biden agreed on one thing, that the virus came from Asia. Donald Trump said bluntly that China is guilty for the pandemic.

“I take full responsibility,” Trump said. He immediately continued: “It’s not my fault it came here. It’s China’s fault.”

When asked about the timing of the vaccine, the moderator quoted Trump as saying “the vaccine will be coming within weeks,” to which Trump said it was not a guarantee, but labs say the cure will be available by the end of the year.

CNN conducted a poll during the debate, according to which the vast majority agreed that Biden was more prepared in the last debate.

Author: Usa Really