Trump managed to push “his” judge into the Supreme Court a week before the elections
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Trump managed to push “his” judge into the Supreme Court a week before the elections


By a margin of four votes, Amy Coney Barrett became one of the 9 most influential judges in the United States, replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in less than 40 days since her death.

Barrett's inauguration ceremony took place on the south lawn of the White House.

“This is a momentous day for America, the United States Constitution, and for the fair and impartial rule of law,” Trump said.



“I will do my job without any fear or favor, I love the Constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes, and I will devote myself to preserving it,” Barrett said.

Since the days of Ronald Reagan, no US president has successfully nominated three judges at once.

“Justice Barrett made clear she will issue rulings based solely upon a faithful reading of the law and the Constitution as written not legislate from the bench,” Trump said during a swearing in ceremony at the White House on Monday. "“The American people put their trust in you and their faith in you as you take up the task of defending our laws, our Constitution and this country we all love."

The Senate voted 52-48 on Monday night.

As expected, all 45 Democrats voted against Barrett's candidacy. Also one Republican, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine was against the appointment of a new judge.

Donald Trump is actively taking advantage of the opportunity to gain strength a few days before the presidential election. Joe Biden is extremely slow in packing the Supreme Court for unknown reasons, but to all the questions of his constituents, Biden does not answer or says that they are "do not deserve" to know.

Image: VWEAA / CC BY-SA 4.0

Author: Usa Really