A Driver’s License Is Not an ID Anymore, at Least for the FEDs and BIG Brother!
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A Driver’s License Is Not an ID Anymore, at Least for the FEDs and BIG Brother!


As one reader wrote me, “Boy, you really are up on things”. Yes, I've watched television commercials which say that Ohioans will need a new type of driver's license. 

We are being told that it is to increase security and they will be "more in line" with Department of Homeland Security identification
requirements. They will also make it easier to fly, because of the new items included on the license.

The old Ohio drivers license has limitations, according to the new Federal Rules. It may not be good enough to fly with, so that is where the US passport will come in handier.

My contact had just renewed his driver's license three months ago (March) after returning from a long overseas stay.  Not having much extra money for the new license is an issue for many, as in his case, “so unless I will be able to get a newly issued one for free, I certainly won’t be paying for this new type of license anytime soon — I will wait for my current license to expire in 4-years. I just sent the State Department my old passport, so hopefully that will work for flying when I get the new one back.”

As described in most states, the New License, REAL ID, is the product of legislation requiring each state to adopt the new federal licensing standards set out in the REAL ID Act of 2005. This new and secure driver’s license and identification (ID) card program meets the standards set as part of the nationwide effort to improve the integrity and security of all driver’s licenses and ID cards.

REAL ID is purportedly a coordinated effort by the states and the Federal Government to improve the reliability and accuracy of state-issued identification documents, which should limit terrorists’ ability to evade detection by using fraudulent identification.

In simple language, however, a National ID card forces everybody to carry the mark of the same beast, the Federal government. Of people you are far from and don’t want to get too close to; of an entity which represents everything the Founding Fathers fought against.

There was a time when individual States still had rights, and most power was not in the hands of the elite few in their faraway capital — Washington DC. It does not take long to learn the flip side of providing more security, and a turn of the shovel quickly reveals it.

The issue goes far beyond being able to board a domestic flight. It has little to do with terrorism but everything to dowith controlling the people and the states whence they come. Most Americans no longer even know that they have two citizenships, of the State in which they reside and that of the United States, and in some instances, of Indian tribes too. All this creates several levels of potential undesireability, which anyone can fall into at any time.

The ACLU and State Legislatures should be in uproar over the Federal ID, as it creates a national identity system, and at least in my opinion this puts us more at risk, not less. So much (unaccountable) control can be inflicted upon an unsuspecting population under the guise of protecting us from terrorism that it becomes a form of terrorism, which hardly discourages people from resorting to other forms.

Soon there will be internal checkpoints, basically a “domestic passport” system that will increasingly be used to track and control individuals’ movements and activities. What is scariest is how this data will be used by the government — and if it will be hacked.

If Facebook and the DNC can be hacked, why won’t such a system? Big Brother will have access to so much information that the system will be turned into a repository for more and more data on individuals.

One must imagine the worst case scenario of a standardized machine-readable interface generating an ever-growing network of identity checks and access control points — each of which will create new data trails, that will in turn be linked to that central database or a private sector shadow equivalent.

All we once saw in science fiction films, and read as fairy tales in the bible, is turning into reality. Why do we need bio chips, if the powers that be can get most of that same data and MORE by just issuing you a driver’s license?

The only good news is that the US passport is still valid for domestic travel. However, it can be revoked by the US State Department at its discretion, even if you are in a foreign country. I know, it happened to me once, leaving me stranded in a foreign country without any ID or legal redress.

The ACLU sums it up best, “If fully implemented, the law would facilitate the tracking of data on individuals and bring government into the very center of every citizen’s life. By definitively turning driver’s licenses into a form of national identity documents, Real ID would have a tremendously destructive impact on privacy. It would also impose significant administrative burdens and expenses on state governments, and it would mean higher fees, longer lines, repeat visits to the DMV, and bureaucratic nightmares for individuals.”

Because of these problems, many states oppose the use of Real ID, and it has not gone into full effect. The ACLU has joined with these states to support repeal of the law. But all the rigmarole is likely going to be a moot issue when all is said and done, as the new driver's license itself is a red herring.  The goal of TSA and DHS in general is to eliminate the need to focus on the ID document and focus on the use of biometrics. 

The FBI is spending over $1 billion to create the world's largest biometric database. So, the hell with religion and American values, as the New Religion is here, OBEY. As for you that want to quote religion, (Exodus 20:4, Exodus 24:14, Leviticus 26:30, Numbers 33:52, and numerous chapters and verses of Deuteronomy), a growing number of Evangelical Christians (mostly Southern Baptists and some Baptists) are also being enrolled into a global system precisely because they do so.

If you should object, you may be labeled a domestic terrorist, or not even allowed one of these high-tech IDs. So, swallow the pill, it is a Brave New World. But let’s forget just how good the Germans were in their numbering of those to be worked to death and/or executed in the gas chambers, or murdered in open pits, as part of the Final Solution.

You have been warned!

Author: Jeffrey Silverman