Woman who was shot last week said police did nothing to save her boyfriend's life and let him die
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Woman who was shot last week said police did nothing to save her boyfriend's life and let him die


A Chicago woman who was shot by police on October 20 said that police officers did nothing to save her black boyfriend’s life after he was shot but covering him with a blanket and leaving him to die.

20-year-old Tafara Williams, who is black, during her Zoom interview from a hospital bed spoke about the last week shooting that left 19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette dead.

She said they both were sitting in her car in front of her home smoking a cigarette when a white officer pulled up. She said she started questioning her, telling Stinnette that she knew him from when he was in jail.

She and Stinnette both raised their hands and showed the officer that they were unarmed, she pulled away and didn’t follow her. However, she said she had a feeling that another officer was “waiting for us.”

“There was a crash and I lost control. The officer was shooting at us. The car ended up slamming into a building. I kept screaming, ‘I don’t have a gun.’ But they kept shooting. He told me to get out of the car. I had my hands up, and I couldn’t move because I had been shot.”

Williams said that she was begging the police to take Stinnette to the hospital but they only covered him with a blanket.

“They allowed him to die,” Williams said. “They wanted us to bleed out on the ground.”

“They laid Marcellis on the ground and covered him with a blanket while he was still breathing,” she said. “I know he was still alive and they took that away from me.”

Police fired the officer who shot at the couple, the department said on Friday. They also announced that the dashcam and bodycam video will be released soon after the relatives of the victim watched the video.

The officer’s version of what happened contradicts with what happened indeed. William’s mother said after she visited her daughter in the hospital, that she did nothing to provoke the officer. The officer who opened fire was Hispanic and he said that he feared for his life when the woman’s vehicle moved in reverse toward him after they allegedly fled a traffic stop conducted by a white officer.

“He’s dead at the hands of the people who are supposed to protect us,” said Dhanellis Banks, Stinnette’s sister. “It’s not supposed to happen.”

Author: Usa Really