NC Police Pepper Sprayed 250 BLM Activists At Polling Station
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NC Police Pepper Sprayed 250 BLM Activists At Polling Station


An unauthorized mass demonstration was stopped by the Graham police in Alamance County. Approximately 250 people organized the “I Am Change Legacy March to the Polls” rally in an attempt to disrupt the voting process outside the courthouse and polling station.

Near the polling station, dozens of officers armed with gas cans chased protesters from the streets. According to the protesters, there were children among the activists.

Melanie Mitchell told The News & Observer that her two dughters of 5 and 11-year-old were also pepper-sprayed. She said her 5-year-old frantically ran away and “my 11-year-old was terrified. She doesn’t want to come down to Graham anymore.”

Also on camera was caught the moment of detention of Reporter Tomas Murawski.

According to official information, five people were arrested. Another group of protesters built a stage outside the courthouse, which was later confronted by heavily armed National Guard soldiers wearing gas masks.

People who had been pepper-sprayed gasped and left the scene of the fight with the police.


Author: Usa Really