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Pre-election "welcome back" podcast
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Pre-election "welcome back" podcast


USA Really is back again!

Due to technical issues we have delayed posting our hot and controversial podcasts until today.

As you may have noticed, many things happened during these months, which we are going to talk about today.

Let's start with congratulations, because in a few hours the United States will either have a new president or renew the old one.

Let's face up to reality, the American nation is split into exactly two parts and, in fact, no one will be satisfied with a future president.

Both candidates have a train of incriminating information and disinformation. I would like to start with disinformation. Although, in fact, it looks more like censorship, unauthorized by anyone except mega corporations who imagine themselves to be judges, juries and executioners.

Social media ... Rotten Twitter, which received our, I mean USA Really, forgiveness for the constant blocking of our accounts for any activity.

For the past 3 weeks, far-left liberal Twitter has declared war on leaking compromising evidence on the Biden family. Blocked the New York Post, but when the stock crashed and the IT giant suffered colossal losses, it had to remove the locks and let the tons of mud that got bogged down by the Democrats.

A few words about Facebook. Our editorial office has come to terms with unreasonable sanctions against it, but recently an unexpected thing happened, Facebook began to block the personal accounts of our employees who did not post anything, and this can already be called illegal tracking, harassment and discrimination of the free press.

Clarification, reasons are not explained, appeals will not be considered, and since their (Facebook) office is not available, we cannot file a claim. Actually, freedom of speech is an empty phrase for them.

Again, some conspiracy theorists force us to register as foreign agents, but due to the sanctions, this is not possible.

So the question is about audience coverage. Post readers besieged social media with demands to abolish illegal censorship and they succeeded, we, alas, do not have such a resource.

Moving on to the news, the first in line is the scandal with Hunter Biden. We will not go into details, but simply suggest comparing the situation with attempts to imprison or overthrow Trump.

It did not work with Trump, an investigation was conducted for 4 years, attributed to ties with Russia, but in fact it turned out to be a custom hoax from Hillary Clinton, who immediately deleted tens of thousands of emails confirming the conspiracy against Trump, which also complicated relations with Russia.

But Joe Biden is completely different. His son Hunter literally buried his father's career. And of course, it is not known whether the special services leaked compromising evidence on him or whether he himself made a fatal mistake, but after an article appeared in Google trends, according to requests, that the Americans were looking for a way to re-vote, the Democrats became very tense.

I think it's worth touching on the mail-in voting topic. Recent reports indicate that the USPS and contractors are struggling to keep up with the workload and millions of ballots are “in transit,” “lost,” or “rejected by the commission.”

I think that after the announcement of the president for the next 4 years, the United States will still have a lot of riots or even sot of a civil war.

I will not exaggerate, because the army of radical liberals has a well-organized army in the form of BLM and Antifa. Most of these gangs are sponsored from overseas through Democratic shady promotion schemes.

Thousands of fighters have the opportunity not to go to work, not pay bills, because they clung to social benefits, which in turn leads to the conclusion that the most Blue states and cities themselves pay for robberies and riots.

Let's just say it was a welcome podcast. There are countless more news to come. Therefore, we will try for you and regularly make new releases. Happy elections and take care!


Author: Usa Really