Massachusetts Police Trooper Fired For Using Racial Slurs
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Massachusetts Police Trooper Fired For Using Racial Slurs


The freshman, who only finished training for the police service in May, used the N-word in an argument with the driver of a parked car.

The incident occurred over the weekend when the officer was off duty. Other details of the incident will not be released, the Department said.

“I am disgusted and disappointed by the conduct that occurred, which is the antithesis of the standards of conduct and personal behavior we expect and demand of our members,” the state police superintendent, Col. Christopher Mason, said in a statement.

The names and race of both parties to the conflict have not been released.

Mason said there would be an internal investigation that could lead to criminal charges against the former officer.

“We will have no tolerance for such conduct,” said Mason, who ordered an investigation. He has also asked the state attorney general’s office to review the incident for any potential criminal or civil rights violations.


Image: John Harmon

Author: Usa Really