Arizonans accuse polling station workers of obstructing voting
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Arizonans accuse polling station workers of obstructing voting


Pima County local officials say voter accusations are false. Many Trump supporters have previously stated that polling stations in Arizona use of sharpie pens in GOP precincts is causing ballots to be invalidated.

This theory was supported by the chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp. Twitter instantly marked the tweet as “misleading”.

In defense, Pima County posted a series of tweets explaining that “Arizona ballot tabulating machines can read ballots marked with a felt tip pen”.

This scandal takes place against the backdrop of the rapid loss of Donald Trump in the presidential election. The presidential administration is already preparing a number of lawsuits and claims for Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona demanding a stop counting ballots and recounts due to numerous violations.


"The Elections Department Officer to admit the sharpie did soil their ballots"

Author: Usa Really