USPS employee arrested at Canadian border with undelivered mail including absentee ballots
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USPS employee arrested at Canadian border with undelivered mail including absentee ballots


Several absentee ballots were caught on the US-Canada border when an upstate USPS worker was trying to cross the border with the bag full of undelivered mail on Tuesday.

The authorities arrested 27-year-old Buffalo mailman Brandon Wilson on a bridge between the two countries with over 800 pieces of mail in his car. The Custom and Border Patrol agents said they pulled him up and found a huge bin of mail spanning several zip codes inside his vehicle. Among them were three absentee ballots from the Erie County Board of Elections, authorities told the New York Post.

Wilson told the CBP agents he was in a wrong lane while traveling on Interstate 190 and accidently found himself driving on the bridge.

Wilson also claimed that the mail was for his mother although it didn’t explain why there were other names on the packages.  

Wilson later admitted in an interview with the Postal Service Office of Inspector General that he had been taking mail from his delivery route and putting it in his car.

“Beginning in September 2020, Wilson estimated he placed mail from his delivery routes into the trunk of his vehicle on more than four but less than 10 instances after returning to the post office from his assigned route,” special agent Brendan M. Boone wrote in a report.

“Wilson intended to whittle down the amount of mail in the trunk of his vehicle by placing a small amount of the mail into USPS missort containers in the morning before his shift began. Wilson last reintroduced mailings into the mail stream in this fashion approximately three weeks prior [to] the date of the interview.”

The mailman is charged with delaying or destroying mail, according to court documents. He faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

Author: Usa Really