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The House Divided
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The House Divided


As promised, a new episode of the US Really podcast has been released.

The week was extremely hot, after all, the Americans are electing a new president or re-electing the old one.

As always, there is a lot of news. From different sides, everyone is shouting about stealing the elections, about stuffing ballots, about recounting and losing Trump, but there is such not a lot of real evidence, I would say there is none of them

We will talk about this later, but for now a brief analysis of the presidential race. Some of the Americans, who gave their preference to Biden, already think that their candidate has won, but there is no need to get excited, and here's why:

Comrades Americans, do not forget that your votes play a mediocre role in the election of the president, the electoral college is the more basic tool.

And the gap of 5 million votes, Biden from Trump, is reduced to 125 thousand people in 5 states. In Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Nevada.

In all these states, the Trump campaign has brought allegations, with the exception of Georgia, where the court said there was no evidence. So, the lawsuits have been filed, the proceedings should be. And if court sees the fact of violations of the electoral process, then there will be a recount, and this can turn the premature result over.

The US is now in a state of both anger and joy at the same time. Democrats are cheering across the country after the media named Biden as president. Upon closer examination, you can see that the final point will not be set until December.

Now about the social media. Twitter, as Trump's main weapon, began to censor literally every word of the still incumbent US president. But the media that proclaimed Biden the new president were not censored.

Speaking of fraud. Michigan, although not among the top five states, was also won by Biden. And by coincidence, social media are filled with factual data about people who are 120 years old and ballots on their behalf are listed in the database.

Let's talk about conflicting characters. A recent video of YouTuber giving a speech to a jubilant crowd in Arizona was also censored, although it is unknown why. Perhaps the speaker's reputation played a key role. For more details, you can read the article on our website.


Author: Usa Really