Oregonians Breath the Worst Air in the Country
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Oregonians Breath the Worst Air in the Country

572 Hobbs

SALEM, OR – July 24, 2018

The onslaught of wildfires burning across the state has led to the fact that Oregonians are now breathing the worst air in the country, local media reports.

Research conducted by Airnow has proved it: four of the five cities countrywide with the worst quality of air are located in Oregon. These are: Applegate Valley (the air there is characterized as “very unhealthy”), Grants Pass (very unhealthy), Klamath Falls (hazardous) and Ashland (hazardous).

People in areas with poor air quality are warned to avoid strenuous outdoor activity, drink plenty of water, stay inside with windows closed and contact healthcare providers if respiratory problems exist.

Author: USA Really