US Election Fraud Is Now Called "Machine Glitch" and "Human Errors"
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US Election Fraud Is Now Called "Machine Glitch" and "Human Errors"


US President Donald Trump has filed dozens of lawsuits demanding the return of millions of stolen votes to him. The reasons are incorrect operation of counting machines, as well as biased polling station employees who "made mistakes" during the counting of ballots.

Confirmed "non-fraud" case

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court of Chatham County in Georgia dismissed Trump's suit for lack of evidence of election commission irregularities, subsequent inspections revealed 2,600 uncounted ballots.

Georgia Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling has requested the immediate resignation of Executive Director Robert Brady. According to Sterling's statement, 1,800 ballots were in favor of Joe Biden, so this incident did not affect the results of the elections in the County and the State.

Two other "errors" in Michigan

Tensions rose in the Democratic vs. Republican battle when the Antrim County vote was deemed "skewed" due to clerical error. The reason for raising the question of the reliability of the results was that the most conservative Antrim always cast votes in favor of the Republicans and the victory of Democrat Biden forced to recount the ballots.

After recounting, it turned out that it was Donald Trump who won, but only in one of Michigan's counties. The overall picture shows Biden's victory by a margin of 144,000 votes.

The second "software glitch" gave the victory to the Republicans in the fight for a seat on the Oakland County Council of Commissioners. Initially, Adam Kochenderfer lost the race to Democrat Melanie Hartman due to the fact that the absentee ballots were registered twice. After correcting the mistake, Kochenderfer won with 1,127 votes.

A clerical error leads to the loss of 100 thousand votes in Virginia

All of America closely followed the presidential elections in the early stages. On the night of November 4th, there was a surge in statistics and a transfer of 100 thousand votes from Trump's piggy bank to his opponent.

Fairfax County officials said the "error" was corrected within 10 minutes, but watchful observers noticed that Trump's migrating hundred thousand votes had not returned to the Republican camp.

Nevertheless, Biden prevailed in Virginia by a whopping 451,000 votes. Before the counting ended, the Associated Press and other media announced Joe Biden as the new president of the United States.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) "watches over" US elections

"Watchman" of safe US elections, CISA has released a list of electoral fraud rumors that could potentially be disinformation.

The total number of refuted rumors provided is 21, but some refutations don't hold up against criticism.

The most viral rumor in the US election is one in which the votes of people who died decades ago are counted in the vote. The CISA statement clearly says that “election officials regularly remove deceased individuals from voter registration rolls based on death records shared by state vital statistics agencies and the Social Security Administration,” but reality suggests otherwise.

In five minutes of monitoring social media, you can find a video where volunteers find accepted ballots from people who are 110 and 120 years old. The search for "dead people" is conducted through the state voter information search site.

A more detailed analysis and search for electoral fraud showed that more than 10 thousand dead Michigan residents cast their votes in favor of Joe Biden.

Another stumbling block was the rumor about the counting and non-counting of "ballots submitted by persons not included in the lists of registered voters." The overwhelming majority of Americans were convinced that the so-called "provisional ballots" would be counted only if the presidential race was very close and the leader would not be identified when counting the bulk of the votes.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the CISA explained that this is only a rumor and all ballots count.

17 Trump lawsuits with no evidence of fraud according to media reports

By the middle of last week, Donald Trump's campaign had filed 17 lawsuits in the District and Federal Courts of the states in which Biden won.

A complaint against the Electoral Commission in Arizona was that manual ballot counting in Phoenix ignored thousands of votes. Trump demands not to certify the election results until the end of the re-verification of all votes. Trump's campaign did not provide clear evidence that thousands of ballots were ignored, so the court may reject the claims, as happened in Georgia.

The complaint against Michigan was based on the words of witnesses who saw "double counting" and political bias. Witnesses say the precinct workers wore Black Lives Matter clothing, indicating a penchant for handing over votes to Biden. But even here no evidence was provided and several claims were rejected and only one has the status of "pending."

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Election Security Agency sided with Nevada. In its lawsuit, Trump's headquarters said "thousands of dead people" had voted, but DHS again called it a "clerical error."

One of the most important states for the election of a future president of the United States, Pennsylvania has faced 15 lawsuits, some of which were filed during the early mail-in voting.

Despite Biden's 50,000 vote advantage, Trump wants to sue 10,000 of them, since they were delivered after November 3rd. Again, the plaintiff's claim is based on the fact that hundreds of thousands of valid ballots have been “diluted” with invalid ones. No evidence has been provided for this theory, according to the Associated Press.

Wisconsin polling workers were accused of correcting ballots, not electing voters, but adding an address, which, according to the Trump campaign, is a reason to doubt the legitimacy of the election. The procedure for filling in the addresses of voters is spelled out in the regulations of polling station employees.

Voting machines "stole" Trump's victory

The largest violation of the integrity of the 2020 voting in the United States is rightfully considered the software of voting machines.

According to the analysis of voting statistics, conservative researchers have found that millions of votes across America have been "switched" from Trump to Biden. Even more votes were lost.

According to the analyst, the data was taken from a source used by The New York Times, ABC News, CBS News, CNN and NBC News to cover the elections.

Based on the breakdown, in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia and Wisconsin, almost 273,000 votes "jumped" from Trump to Biden and 1,762,135 votes are "lost."

Donald Trump's cybersecurity advisor, Rudolph Giuliani, reported on informants from the Dominion software developers that were used in almost all voting machines in the United States. According to Giuliani, the whistleblowers confirmed the transfer of votes from one candidate to another.

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Author: Usa Really