EXCLUSIVE: A Suicide Case in Loveland Is Closed in 2015, the Questions Remain
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EXCLUSIVE: A Suicide Case in Loveland Is Closed in 2015, the Questions Remain

Facebook/Loveland PD

LOVELAND, CO – July 24, 2018

Investigation of a mysterious murder in the quiet town of Loveland, Co, conducted by local resident and supported by USA Really, begins to acquire new unexpected details.

USA Really has verified received from a resident of Loveland information about the murder. Loveland police has confirmed they have a record about this case. The investigation had already been carried out, the case was closed and deposited, the police said. After a fairly long telephone conversation with the police, USA Really managed to learn a few more details. The police said, girl's death is being treated as a suicide, the accused or suspects are absent, the story happened back in 2015 and there is nothing to talk about. However, there was something that drew the attention to the police’s words. "Before answering your request, we need to get an approval from the management what we can release and what we can’t," – USA Really reporter was told. It all gave the impression that the authorities were really hiding something as they didn’t provide the press with detailed information about a long-disclosed case, as they say.

It is not surprising that Loveland resident, who reported about this case, does not trust the results of the police investigation and is convinced that this was an intentional murder, and the evidences were faked to cover up the murder.

And in fact, why would a beautiful 20-year-old girl from good family commit suicide?

USA Really will follow up this case and continue to highlight the problems and events that worry ordinary Americans.

Author: USA Really