More than 200 guns are missing in Philadelphia Sheriff's Department
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More than 200 guns are missing in Philadelphia Sheriff's Department


A New Sheriff in Philadelphia said the previous administrations left the department in chaos and with more than 200 guns missing and promising new changes.

Rochelle Bilal became a Philadelphia sheriff in this January and said about her predecessors that "they left us with a crazy mess as far as the sheriff's office and it's not just the armory."

But in the center of the bad inheritance was the sheriff’s armory. The certain number of the missing guns have been for months a subject of the investigation by City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart.

The investigation revealed that the whereabouts of more than 100 firearms is unknown, and the officials from the Philadelphia City Controllers office said they still didn’t know where most of those missing firearms ended up.

Both Bilal and Rhynhart said that the investigation will continue and will reach the bottom to find out where all the guns are and that they will prevent something similar from happening again.

"The armory is now secure with state-of-the-art security cameras, motion sensors," Bilal said. "There are individually assigned entry codes to track specifically who enters and exits, at any given time, of the armory."

Author: Usa Really