Black Lives Matter Doesn't Matter When Black Female Police Chief Charging Senator For Violent Riots
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Black Lives Matter Doesn't Matter When Black Female Police Chief Charging Senator For Violent Riots


Virginia Police Chief Angela Greene was fired due to intensive investigation against State Sen. Louise Lucas, several leaders of the local Black Lives Matter movement, officials from the NAACP, and a member of the local school board who was involved in a criminal case and series of violent riots in Portsmouth.

19 people were arrested back in June for the destruction of the Confederate Statue during violent riots after the death of George Floyd. The police chief's intransigence has prompted senior officials to whine incessantly about injustice against their vulnerable individuals.

“Portsmouth police in August charged Lucas and 18 other plaintiffs with conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000,” NBC reports. “The latest twist in the case involving state Sen. Louise Lucas, a high-ranking Democrat who is Virginia's most senior Black legislator, drew praise from members of her own party who condemned the charges.”


Ultimately, Greene was fired, and the case against a group of violent protesters was hushed up. The charges against Sen. Louise Lucas were also dropped.

Louise Lucas also commented on the actions of the police.

“Lucas said in a statement Tuesday that the Portsmouth Police Department "made a mockery of the criminal justice system" by filing "obscure felony charges against me and other Portsmouth citizens and in so doing, they created a scandalous national embarrassment for our city." "It is obvious that everyone involved in that malicious investigation was determined to destroy me politically, professionally and personally," she added. "Perspectively, I stood to lose my voting rights, my position in the Senate of Virginia (where I am the the first Black Legislator and the first woman to serve as Senate President Pro Temp) and my business license, which would have cut off my livelihood."

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Author: Usa Really