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Three Points Of No Return
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Three Points Of No Return


Welcome guys to our casual Podcast feature!

Today I’d love to start with a small disclaimer, because there’s a lot of staff I want to talk to you today, especially since we’ve miss the last week podcast for which I sincerely apologize, by the way, but here is what I wanted to tell you. Always check everything double before believe our stories.

Actually right now I have three topics, it’s Racism, Biden and Covid. But each topic has several news so look them up and comment below.

I’ll start from the lightest news, and, in my opinion some of them kinda funny.

First of all, I understand that racism is very controversial, but some of the manifestations of it looks like insanity. Look here, the university of Wisconsin unanimously decided to remove 70-ton rock… racist rock.

Obviously, the stone itself is not racist. The racist in this story ofд the geologist who found it and used the wrong word 90 years ago. In my opinion, for a country with free speech, the USA has too many forbidden words, I wonder if there is a dictionary of forbidden expressions?

The second piece of news is also related to the education system. And this is the censorship of works of art. California has declared a number of works of art to be prohibited literature.

The world classics, in which scrupulous fighters for the eradication of racial injustice have been searching for racism for years, will no longer be available. It is worth recalling that it is those who have not read enough books that become blind fanatics of other people's ideas. And the fighters against the oppression of racial minorities are just those who read all these works. Draw your own conclusions.

And to close the racism section of today's podcast, it's worth talking about Michigan Deputy, who was fired for posting pictures of current political leaders in the form of pumpkins and watermelon. I hope you guessed that Trump, Biden and Pence were pumpkins and Kamala Harris was a watermelon.

The question is: why racism and not sexism?

Let's move on to the broadest topic - Politics, elections and Biden in particular.

For starters, it's worth mentioning that we have collected in one article most of the news about high-profile allegations of fraud. You can get to know them better here.

Now let's move on to Twitter, which for the first time in history pleaded guilty to censoring and violently restricting the media. Obviously, this is not about USA Really, but about the New York Post and the Hunter Biden scandal.

Indeed, Twitter admitted it was wrong, but did not apologize.

And now two in one, or even 3 in one. Corruption in Ukraine and the actual pressure on the government of the country, which is fed by loans from Europe and the United States. For 1 one week, 2 news appeared at once.

The first was that Joe Biden was listed in a criminal case. And a few days later, the National Police of Ukraine dropped the investigation into the almost-elected US President. In fact, it is very strange that they wanted to overthrow Trump and almost go to jail because of the mythical Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Bottom line: there is no evidence of Russia's involvement, but there is evidence of Hillary Clinton's involvement in this disinformation.

Speaking of the evidence, the two Senators did reveal a partnership between the Biden family and the Chinese government, and some businessmen in Russia.

For a closer look at the reports, skip to the article. And why did everyone else forget or stop leaking compromising evidence from Hunter Biden's laptop? Conspiracy theory, but you think about it.

And finally, a few words about the pandemic. First I would like to inform you that Tennessee Mayor Waiting For “the Holy Spirit” Approval To Introduce A Mask Mandate. That is, when more than 260 thousand people have already died in the United States alone and almost 1.4 million people around the world, the official is waiting for a "sky-sign" in order to start preventing the spread of the virus.

Speaking of the victims. The number of corpses is really off the charts, in El Paso, local hospitals are recruiting inmates to help load corpses into mobile morgues. Terrifying picture.


Author: Usa Really