Angry Massachussets man with COVID spits at two hikers for not wearing face masks
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Angry Massachussets man with COVID spits at two hikers for not wearing face masks


A Massachusetts man, tested positive for COVID-19, purposely spat at the hikers reportedly because he got angry with them for not wearing face masks. The video of the incident was posted and shared on the social media.

The incident took place on November 15 and happened to two women hiking in the Hudson Overlook on the Midstate trail in Ashburnham. The angered man with a mask lowered to his chin approached them and said that he was tested positive for COVID-19 before spitting at them.

One of the woman started recording the incident.

"Based on a verbal confrontation early in the video, he was upset the women were not wearing a mask while hiking. Now police are looking for him," WBZ-TV reporter Kristina Rex, who posted the encounter on Twitter wrote to the video.

Police say the man was angry at the women for not wearing face masks.

"He explained to them that it was the 'law' and that they were selfish," police said. "He aggressively turned towards them and stated, 'I have Covid' and began spitting at the young females."

According to the police, the man can be charged with assault. The Ashburnham Police Department asked the public for help identifying the suspect on its Facebook page.

"That's not the right approach to deal with anything," Ashburnham Police Lt. Chris Conrad said. "It was hostile, it was inappropriate, it was threatening and it could even be assaultive."

"Again we don't have all the details on everything yet we need to speak with her again," Conrad said. "We're hoping the suspect comes forward so we can determine is there another side to this that we don't know about, that we didn't see on the video."

Author: Usa Really