Jen Psaki Is Coming Back To Big-League Politics
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Jen Psaki Is Coming Back To Big-League Politics


Former White House Communications Director Jennifer Rene Psaki returns to politics under the leadership of Democrat Joe Biden. There was no official announcement of Psaki about joining the new government, nevertheless, a number of media outlets are already positioning Psaki as part of Biden’s transition team.

One of the first who indirectly notified the society about the new position of Psaki was already a former employer - CNN.

After Jennifer Psaki commented on Joe Biden's legal actions to Jake Tapper on "State of the Union," CNN named the speaker "Jen Psaki, who oversees Biden's nominations team."

"President-elect Biden will be announcing members - Cabinet nominees this week. He's looking forward to that, to introducing members of his team to the public," Psaki said and duplicated this statement on Twitter.


Following CNN, Fox News became a new turn in Psaki's career, which bluntly said that the former Obama administration employee is now a senior adviser for the Biden-Harris transition team.

“The election means we have lost another CNN contributor, but by the same token the Biden team has gained a senior adviser,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently told viewers before welcoming her back to the network to discuss Biden in her new role.

A corresponding revision appeared in Wikipedia, where it is stated that Jen Psaki “left CNN and joined the Biden-Harris transition team”.

But after checking the official Biden-Harris Transition website, there is no mention of Psaki joining Biden's team.

After Psaki appeared as a speaker on Transition Press Briefing, Bloomberg also labeled her as “Biden transition aide”.


Author: Usa Really