Where in the U.S. Is It Hard to Live on $100k?
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Where in the U.S. Is It Hard to Live on $100k?


HARTFORD, CT – July 24, 2018

A new study is putting a spotlight on some of the most expensive places to live in the U.S.

Two cities in Connecticut made that list.

With the median annual household income in the U.S. at $59,000, credit card experts looked at large metro areas to see how far $100,000 would stretch for families of three, and it turns out, not that far.

New York came in at tenth with a $505 disposable monthly income followed by Hartford CT, at number 9 with $479 in disposable income per month. Boston was also close.

In Bridgeport CT, 100 grand wouldn't get you too far. In fact, ‘The Park City’ comes in at number 4 with 98 bucks in the red!

Coming in at number one is San Jose, California where you are out more than $450 every month, WTNH NEWS8 reports.

Author: USA Really