New York Jail Guards Wake Maxwell 4 Times An Hour To Check Her Breathing
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New York Jail Guards Wake Maxwell 4 Times An Hour To Check Her Breathing


The story of Ghislaine Maxwell's predecessor, Jeffrey Epstein, has taught prison staff to better monitor prisoners' health. Maxwell's lawyer said his client was literally tortured by insomnia.

Lawyer Bobbi Sternheim said that the guards flash lighting in Maxwell's face every 15 minutes to make sure the prisoner is breathing.

This "reverent" attitude towards Maxwell was triggered by the death of her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead last August. And although the official theory is that Epstein committed suicide, the public is extremely skeptical about this statement.

Two guards on duty on the night of Epstein's death face criminal charges for negligence.

Maxwell is going through a quarantine period after cases of Covid-19 were identified in prison.

“Medical staff has ceased doing daily checks on Maxwell, and have "neither informed her of results of the COVID tests" nor responded to her question of what she should do if she becomes symptomatic,” reports NBC News.

Sternheim also said that the defendant did not receive a mask and a toothbrush in the first days after being quarantined. And supervision of her breathing is accompanied by the requirement to remove the mask.

Image: youtube screen grab

Author: Usa Really