CIA Secret Agent Killed in Africa
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CIA Secret Agent Killed in Africa


A member of the American Counter-Terrorism Squad was mortally wounded while on assignment in Somalia.

According to various sources, the deceased CIA agent participated in a raid against the Al-Shabaab, which has been recognized by Washington as a terrorist military group for over 12 years.

Al-Shabab was created in 2003 as a youth Islamic (Salafi) movement. Starting in 2007, after the introduction of Ethiopian troops into Somalia, the Al-Shabab organization actively joined the armed struggle against the "occupiers" and the Provisional Federal Government.

The CIA has made no comment on the incident, but earlier this year, three other Americans were killed by al-Qaeda fighters.

The Al-Shabaab army numbers more than 14 thousand fighters.

The slain US operative was a veteran of special forces operations, having previously been a member of the elite SEAL Team 6, the Times reported. The agent's name is classified.

At this stage, the Donald Trump administration is trying to withdraw as many American soldiers as possible from the Middle East and African countries. Earlier, Trump announced that most of the US military would be returned to their homeland by Christmas.

Image: US Air Force / Tech. Sgt. Nick Kibbey

Author: Usa Really