A 15-year-old Girl Plotted to Kill Her Own Family With Her 18-year-old Boyfriend
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A 15-year-old Girl Plotted to Kill Her Own Family With Her 18-year-old Boyfriend



A young couple in Oklahoma have been charged plotting to murder the young woman's parents.

According to the court date, a 15-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Zachary Sligar, planned to kill her family after they refused to grant her emancipation.

"They came up with a plan to do a three-way homicide by killing mom, dad and an older sister that lives on the property," Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty said.

The young man left his house late at night when her parents slept. He took a handgun and met his girlfriend at her family home. She allegedly also had a gun.

"Zach goes into the bedroom, fires one time at dad and misses, shoots a hole in his pillow," Dougherty said. "Immediately turns the gun on mom. Shoots her one time in the face."

When things didn’t go according to plan, the girl told Sliger to leave home so she could come up with a story.

Lincoln County officials received a 911 call around midnight Friday morning from girl's father. Her mother was hospitalized immediately and is now in critical condition, but is expected to recover.

"The original 911 call, he calls in that there was an explosion in his bedroom," said Charlie Dougherty, Lincoln County Sheriff.

Authorities said the two had already packed their bags by this time.

"That was their plan, to kill those three and move along with life," Dougherty said.

"Really, we prepare for everything, and we get surprised every day. I've done this for 38 years and I've never heard of stuff like this," Sheriff Dougherty added.

Both of them were arrested, but only one of the guns was recovered at the scene.

The district attorney plans to file criminal charges against Sligar for three counts of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, one count of shooting with intent to kill and one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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