Debate Over Lethal Injection Rages in Tennessee
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Debate Over Lethal Injection Rages in Tennessee


NASHVILLE, TN – July 25, 2018

Just two weeks before a scheduled execution day, the debate over lethal injection in the state of Tennessee is still raging far and wide, local media reports.

One side calls it a failed “human experiment” and opposes it, since the three-drug cocktail for lethal injections has led to torturous pain for the inmates, which directly contradicts the Constitution of the U.S. Experts who testified on the inmates' behalf said midazolam (one of the components of the injection) did not render people unconscious and unable to feel the paralytic or the acidic poison that killed them. Witnesses saw inmates thrashing, moaning and crying as the drugs coursed through their veins.

The other side has dismissed those concerns as "nonsense", and described the 12-day trial brought by the inmates' challenge as a waste of time and resources.

USA Really will continue covering this case.

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