The first shipment of Pfizer COVID vaccine should arrive on Monday morning
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The first shipment of Pfizer COVID vaccine should arrive on Monday morning


The first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine against the coronavirus will arrive on Monday morning, General Gustave Perna, chief of Operation Warp Speed said the hours after FDA approved the vaccine.

“The first shipments should arrive Monday morning and extensive coordination will ensure that this occurs,” Perna said during a press conference on Saturday morning, hours after the Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccine for emergency use authorization.

“Make no mistake, distribution has begun,” he said. “Now, boxes are being packed and loaded with vaccine and within the next 24 hours they will move the vaccine from the Pfizer facility to the UPS and FedEx hubs. Then it will go up to the locations nationwide which were identified by the states and the territories.”

It was reported that the first trucks with COVID-19 vaccine cargo are set to drive from a Michigan manufacturing plant on Sunday.

According to Gen. Perna, the first 145 sites are expected to receive the vaccine on Monday, with the other 452 sites to follow on Tuesday and with the last 66 sites on Wednesday. At the end of the month, 40 million doses of vaccine will be distributed.

The vaccine will be distributed in the kit, including include needles, syringes, and other supplies necessary to administer the vaccine.

The Moderna vaccine will be also distributed within Operation Warp Speed if it is authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, Perna added.

He also praised everybody who made his contribution to the Operation making it possible for the vaccine reach the sited that ordered it.   

“It is through the foundation established by the incredible experts of the CDC, the capability of commercial industry including Pfizer, McKesson, FedEx, UPS, Walgreens, CVS, and others, and most importantly, the governors, public health officers, and health care communities, that this plan will succeed,” he said.

“Because of the energy of the whole of America approach, I am 100 percent confident that we will distribute safely this precious commodity, this vaccine needed to defeat the enemy COVID,” he said.

Perna said the vaccine is “very safe” and will be free for all Americans.

“When the China virus invaded our shores, I promised that we would produce a vaccine in record time before the end of the year. They said it couldn’t be done. But with today’s announcement, we have now achieved that goal,” he added.

Author: Usa Really