Russia Denies Rumors Of Hacking The U.S. Treasury And Commerce Departments
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Russia Denies Rumors Of Hacking The U.S. Treasury And Commerce Departments


The Russian Foreign Ministry has denied unfounded accusations by the American media of involvement in the hacking of US government structures.

“We paid attention to another unfounded attempts of the U.S. media to blame Russia for hacker attacks on U.S. governmental bodies,” Russian Embassy statement reads. “We declare responsibly: malicious activities in the information space contradicts the principles of the Russian foreign policy, national interests and our understanding of interstate relations. Russia does not conduct offensive operations in the cyber domain.”

According to the latest information, the leaked information provoked panic in the National Security Council, as a result of which an emergency meeting was organized in the White House.

“We have identified a global campaign that introduces a compromise into the networks of public and private organizations through the software supply chain,” FireEye said in a blog post late Sunday, without naming a specific group for the breach. “This compromise is delivered through updates to a widely-used IT infrastructure management software -- the Orion network monitoring product from SolarWinds.”

Cozy Bear (APT29) was responsible for the hack, according to Reuters and The Washington Post, but neither the media nor the US intelligence services provided actual evidence. As a result of the meeting, the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency were tasked with investigating the incident.


Author: Usa Really