Pennsylvania Sheriff Disowns Democrats For "Socialist Agenda"
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Pennsylvania Sheriff Disowns Democrats For "Socialist Agenda"


With the announcement of Joe Biden's coming to the presidency, Pennsylvania Democratic officials tightened lockdowns and lost a sheriff who refuses to plunge state residents into “unconstitutional” infringements of freedoms.

“It’s the shift in ideals of the current Democrat Party at the national level — the socialist agenda — and this is something that I had been considering for several months. It probably started back when the pandemic started,” the Fayette County sheriff James Custer told “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

Custer said his decision to swap Democrats for Republicans was motivated by a variety of factors, including solidarity of liberals with the Black Lives Matter movement calling to defund the police and the inconsistency of the governor's restrictions on the pandemic to the Constitution.

“As the sheriff, it is my duty as a constitutional sheriff, to protect and serve, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and [to oppose] these unconstitutional mandates being brought down on our citizens and being able to protect their rights and freedoms under the Constitution,” Custer said.

The new restrictions were announced by Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on December 10th.

“Today I am announcing additional, temporary COVID-19 protective mitigation measures in the commonwealth,” said Gov. Wolf. “With these measures in place, we hope to accomplish three goals: First, stop the devastating spread of COVID-19 in the commonwealth. Second, keep our hospitals and health care workers from becoming overwhelmed. And third, help Pennsylvanians get through the holiday season – and closer to a widely available vaccine – as safely as possible.


Author: Usa Really